Do not play at progressive jackpot slots

It Xoslot sounds really attracting “play and win a multi million jackpot”. But in real life it is impossible to win a huge jackpot like that. The chance that you win a huge jackpot like that is smaller than the chance you get hit by a thunderstrike. The pay out percentages at jackpot slots in the normal game are lower because a share of the payout go’s to the jackpot. Everytime you spin a share of that spin go’s to the progressive jackpot.

And if you want to try Jackpot Slots I recommend to do this when you made a winning. Don’t do it with the idea of winning money.

Check the bonus hit frequently
The Hit frequently is how often a bonus game gets triggered. There are video slots where you trigger a bonus game every 35 spins. But there are also slots where you hit a bonus game every 200 spins. The slots with a low hit frequently often give you higher winnings during the bonus games. When you get a bonus feature every 35 spins the chance of hitting a big win is much smaller. Starburst is one of those games where you trigger the bonus often. And a game like Book of Ra is popular because it gives you high bonus wins. But this game only triggers a bonus game in 1 out of 400 spins.

Start with enough money in your casino balance
If you want to play slots with a low hit frequently it is smart to deposit a relative high amount of money. When you play a slot with a bonus hit of 1 out of 400 spins you are not going to win any money with a €20 deposit. If you are unlucky your money is gone before you even triggered one single bonus game. To trigger a bonus feature I think you need at least a €75 deposit, and a €0,50 bet per spin. When you decide to play games like Starburst with a high hit frequently you can start with a lower first deposit. In-between the bonus games you will win smaller amounts of money that keep your balance stable in most cases.

Use your bonus money when you can collect it
All casinos you find on our website offer you a certain welcome bonus. Some of them are very interesting because they give you up to 400% extra play money. You can use both the deposit and bonus money to use the video slots strategy. Slots are perfect to use the welcome bonus because they count for 100% on the wagering requirements. When you receive a bonus you always need to wager the bonus amount a certain times. Choose a bonus with a 35x or lower wagering requirement. Else it is almost impossible to get your money free for withdrawing.

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